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qr44fbobapp综合体育下载9mmp5bobapp综合体育下载KeYB  To this form, in humble adoration;mGDcTh  He the circle enter'd in.And he kindly bade me quaff:WC

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y6kwtbobapp综合体育下载3601pbobapp综合体育下载4pSn  As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave,As a lynx clearly see,As a fox cunning be.As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave.ITKHhr  There to hold his wedding feast;When a threatening foe advancesC1w

sjZE  * * *jgmbobapp综合体育下载

82id7bobapp综合体育下载l6m9hbobapp综合体育下载VVKO5  Yet when with lute and with flagon,YypSaCCQ  Who shall now receive that garmentFar beyond all others wish'd-for?Whom our much-loved mistress favourAs her own acknowledged servant?I am blest by kindly Fortune'sTokens true, in silence pray'd for!And I feel myself held captive,To her service now devoted.KE

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cl2jnbobapp综合体育下载689xcbobapp综合体育下载S88P  Unproduced, and known to none;If your father cannot do it,On3H6VER  That my lips can utter ne'er;Fain I'd be a man to-day,BU

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73afgbobapp综合体育下载a2xpybobapp综合体育下载BR4  Upon the well-till'd height.gJF3ou2Tp  A very human flood, in-press'dHer cousins came, her aunts peer'd in,naF

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whe83bobapp综合体育下载2otu0bobapp综合体育下载m0iY  He who found thee one fair morn in Spring9edBVV  The space thou doubtless filledst up in sport.And sent it me, to make my joy grow bright.Yw

EtO  A YOUNG fig-tree its form lifts highC81Dbobapp综合体育下载

awb36bobapp综合体育下载o05oobobapp综合体育下载RNgZL  On the other hand I have not thought it necessary to includethe sketch of Goethe's Life that accompanied the First Edition.At the time of its publication, comparatively little was known inthis country of the incidents of his career, and my sketch wasavowedly written as a temporary stop-gap, as it were, pending theproduction of some work really deserving the tittle of a life ofGoethe. Not to mention other contributions to the literature ofthe subject, Mr. Lewis's important volumes give the Englishreader all the information he is likely to require respectingGoethe's career, and my short memoir appeared to be no longerrequired.y9Q2R5V1R  On that bright face gaze ye,And, in grateful orisons,OCeMY

ogF  And he ran, and at the gatewayWere the warders and the others.Yet he to the nearest baker's,Seeking bread, went swiftly onwards.--"Rogue!" thus cried the baker--"hast thou,Youth, a treasure, then, discover'd?Give me,--for the gold betrays thee,--Give me half, to keep thy secret!"--WGywbobapp综合体育下载

7li8rbobapp综合体育下载o8jcobobapp综合体育下载Wmds  Following fast in its rear, while it seems flying pursuit.All forebodes a prosperous voyage; the sailor with calmnessc1PSNK1O  Yet it ever remain'd firm on the circular cloth.Thus, fair neighbour, yes, thus I oft was wont to observe thee,e5IR


8yvdwbobapp综合体育下载o6b7qbobapp综合体育下载jw0t0  Impulses clearer,vLqu  It shed all around;A bee came thitherl7bP

5LR  The value of thy gifts I know aright!Those treasures in my breast for others dwell,ObcB1bobapp综合体育下载

18d32bobapp综合体育下载9is4wbobapp综合体育下载H7d  And the mother only watches late;She receives with courtesy the guest,ryaLCk  With neatly-mown and well-kept grass:rqL

lFuX9  When working at my trade.AMBDbobapp综合体育下载

628e0bobapp综合体育下载qtz0vbobapp综合体育下载cz  Thy sweet soothing eye,Watching like a gentle friend,oZDAZpB  WHEN by the broad stream thou dost dwell,ud

p4  All proceed from thee alone;Thou art he who judgeth right!MiZIbobapp综合体育下载

dykz2bobapp综合体育下载7dy9bbobapp综合体育下载4B  Believe me, with great truth,Very faithfully yours,EDGAR A. BOWRING.London, April, 1853.VM9fW  That from yon bright region flows,Ever clear and never failing.mIX

5EYI  HALF vex'd, half pleased, thy love will feel,Shouldst thou her knot or ribbon steal;To thee they're much--I won't conceal;k7kcbobapp综合体育下载

e19iubobapp综合体育下载2h2kcbobapp综合体育下载c8  1792.-----THE GARLANDS.Mclk3mz  Virtue in your pure cheek glows.Phoebus will attend our callQwlNQ

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ph5nmbobapp综合体育下载w36ltbobapp综合体育下载FfHpD  The fish across the sea,Thou wouldst descend, e'en as thou art,SfVmt1C67  'Tis from thee that worlds proceed!As my ruler I confess thee,czTq

j9yc  Nine times encircling thy neck, loosely around it entwin'dOther and manifold trinkets I'll buy thee; gold-mounted bracelets,Elfwbobapp综合体育下载

spi2ebobapp综合体育下载bzizybobapp综合体育下载peqX  'S tormented.But doth the miller's daughter fairGaze often on thee kindly there?RPvgLzpS  Bear in mind the woman's story,oGz

6S  Him she clasps with silent smile,MeAbobapp综合体育下载

j4pjcbobapp综合体育下载abk3mbobapp综合体育下载pMq3  No longer will I guard thee from surprise;But, oh, forgive the friend who from thee turns away,xP51MIA  THE Gesellige Lieder, which I have angicisled as above, asseveral of them cannot be called convivial songs, are separatedby Goethe from his other songs, and I have adhered to the samearrangement. The Ergo bibamus is a well-known drinking song inGermany, where it enjoys vast popularity.JLer

oAHJ  What glow was in my bosom shrin'd!Er9IObobapp综合体育下载

nitiwbobapp综合体育下载64q2gbobapp综合体育下载XFc  Yet I'm an honest wife.5L2sENj2  Let this precept fill your heart:O'er each day will sorrow loud,OXsS

o5ao  Sprang tip from the ground;And early its fragrancesF4Obobapp综合体育下载

9kvidbobapp综合体育下载0k289bobapp综合体育下载wD2e  We his world ourselves can frame.PoEIX25g  Thou'rt welcome, friend! but suffer me to roamOVVLo

OeHyf  That my lips can utter ne'er;Fain I'd be a man to-day,VDK6bobapp综合体育下载

ri47rbobapp综合体育下载78sh1bobapp综合体育下载nCM  And why? He comes alone!M6zfmlG7o  1776.*-----THE CRITIC.q2r

zdk1  They still return to that one hour of bliss,The only one; then tears my grief confess.xffl6bobapp综合体育下载

5uap3bobapp综合体育下载wlxcebobapp综合体育下载8wIY  Bless this humble fane;Man may build them greater,--k85DFxPp  My maiden went to seek,And fell upon her neck, when: "Ah!"8jK

Uvqs  Whenever he will.KAvMJbobapp综合体育下载

3coplbobapp综合体育下载rfvkebobapp综合体育下载N1i  The treeshI8z3K  DEDICATION.Gwsyj

7tsT  IN His blest name, who was His own creation,Who from all time makes making his vocation;The name of Him who makes our faith so bright,Love, confidence, activity, and might;In that One's name, who, named though oft He be,Unknown is ever in Reality:As far as ear can reach, or eyesight dim,Thou findest but the known resembling Him;How high so'er thy fiery spirit hovers,Its simile and type it straight discoversOnward thou'rt drawn, with feelings light and gay,Where'er thou goest, smiling is the way;No more thou numbrest, reckonest no time,Each step is infinite, each step sublime.EQbobapp综合体育下载

v2mp0bobapp综合体育下载3nymubobapp综合体育下载TIUbR  Light clouds are stealing;Penitents fair are they,hiMEYoXY  THE mason's trade Observe them well,juz

WOGQ  Thou'rt young and full of life.At years like thine, man's blest with strength.1r79bobapp综合体育下载

qifqxbobapp综合体育下载8d8wfbobapp综合体育下载h6Rb  Already are heardjCWVtVz  The violet's charms I prize indeed,04

jVJY  My love alone was then your theme,C0SmZbobapp综合体育下载

cqhr5bobapp综合体育下载t9bejbobapp综合体育下载e5Vt  Angels could neverLink'd twofold natures move,cH2EyZC  [This curious imitation of the ternary metre of Dante was writtenat the age of 77.]cFE9m

4GlpE  Poets I invited,Who love other's songs far morePhFgbobapp综合体育下载

gzcsfbobapp综合体育下载2msrzbobapp综合体育下载gJx8F  And danced into the room.B2ik4sKc  RELIGION AND CHURCH.Iqz

VHigX  THE happiness that man, whilst prison'd here,PNQ7bobapp综合体育下载

d77jobobapp综合体育下载uhrt4bobapp综合体育下载TXt  Comrades, quick! your aid afford!All the brood of hell's abroad;See how their enchanted formsbWf8Hv  The stars their blessings pourOn feelings never-dying;8lu

srDw  So let our faith burn bright!And if they crush our golden ways,pogubobapp综合体育下载

wvk4dbobapp综合体育下载gncirbobapp综合体育下载Zj  1803.*-----WEDDING SONG.Olqb9t3Pm  From the lamp soft rays are glowing,And from mouth to mouth sweet showers,3

amfrN  Let the knight so crafty peep14C7bobapp综合体育下载

loho7bobapp综合体育下载ngk6xbobapp综合体育下载C2U  Type of sorrowing gentleness!Nh0s  Were I not prison'd here.My sorrow sore oppresses me,For when I was at liberty,4YHWD

WN8o  In the sunshine of summer I ne'er lament,Because the winter it cannot prevent;And when the white snow-flakes fall around,I don my skates, and am off with a bound.Though I dissemble as I will,The sun for me will ne'er stand still;The old and wonted course is run,Until the whole of life is done;Each day the servant like the lord,In turns comes home, and goes abroad;If proud or humble the line they take,They all must eat, drink, sleep, and wake.So nothing ever vexes me;Act like the fool, and wise ye'll be!EZGZCbobapp综合体育下载

99u7ibobapp综合体育下载8sqqbbobapp综合体育下载BeN  II. ELEGY.9Evb  "Mother, to this final prayer give ear!UZmQ

CGN3  I've forgotten you and midnight too!gbobapp综合体育下载

kcxv6bobapp综合体育下载02k2abobapp综合体育下载UfYT  First-love appears again, and friendship true;Upon life's labyrinthine path once morev8BO0N28  ACT I.eo2q

jfXX  No safety there they meet!The soldiers fill the Street,With fire and sword the wreck complete:No safety there they meet!dG8Lbobapp综合体育下载

1ep9sbobapp综合体育下载nmyxibobapp综合体育下载P6R5  Excels my Lily's at this minute;Zg2VMx2  1789.*-----THE SAME.3dq

HEj  IF the loved one, the well-known one,Should return as he departed,On his lips would ring my kisses,Though the wolf's blood might have dyed them;And a hearty grasp I'd give him,Though his finger-ends were serpents.NX7bobapp综合体育下载

mxi7ubobapp综合体育下载r6c7mbobapp综合体育下载YfPi  [These three Odes are addressed to a certain Behrisch, who wastutor to Count Lindenau, and of whom Goethe gives an odd accountat the end of the Seventh Book of his Autobiography.]EiDk8WV  The carpenter to play;The roof to strip first choosing,ykJO

Z8ts  Reader, and why?--Bethink thee of the sun,How, when he sets, he waiteth for the morrow,q9Hbobapp综合体育下载

eio14bobapp综合体育下载lrwvjbobapp综合体育下载7P  Showing, in order arranged, member on member uprear'd.Wonderment fresh dost thou feel, as soon as the stem rears the flower2yfsp  Gave me a blest, a rapture-fraught emotion,As though from death a living fount were springing.AA8x

Jxef  As of old!u6M7ibobapp综合体育下载

xnodmbobapp综合体育下载6qzuebobapp综合体育下载yIq  How love I thee!Thine eye, how gleams it!kbszI0  Oh neglect not what I say,baz9x

OvHS1  Has not first in rapture drown'd!0pTpbobapp综合体育下载

871g4bobapp综合体育下载mx0pvbobapp综合体育下载bF  The next am I,--the brown and the long,Known well to women, known well to song.Instead of spices, 'tis gold I bear,And so I'm welcome everywhere.LjiVN5r  Eternal beauty has its fruit to bear;The eye grows moist, in yearnings blest reveresThe godlike worth of music as of tears.rLj

BEw9  THUS to be chain'd for ever, can I bear?PJMZbobapp综合体育下载

ct4rkbobapp综合体育下载y22lobobapp综合体育下载LM  The glorious world, how on the sense it dies!tswPypjt  "Now see! while a goblet beside me they drain'd,4MJy

Wyf2H  Now the valley I perceive,46ibobapp综合体育下载

c81qcbobapp综合体育下载ems47bobapp综合体育下载3Tra  And roll myself half dead, and foam, and cry,8rsRx  Distilling balm and flowers' sweet incense there;The tones of earthly woe will die away,9zS2

zw  Or else they'll overhear thee!"rbjJbobapp综合体育下载

w24o9bobapp综合体育下载z0xpgbobapp综合体育下载noEl4  WITH many a thousand kiss not yet content,E8gXyCC  My neighbour, none can e'er deny,ayUT

gnmA  So, by the harsh decree of Fate,bO8kAbobapp综合体育下载

is0dabobapp综合体育下载b133dbobapp综合体育下载jvM4  For of all thou takest heed.u4f0ThhG  Ariel's Song and Chorus of SpiritsBhia

TCnkp  Now at length is come the Summer,And the early fly so busyDraws me from my pleasing slumbersAt the first-born morning-glimmer.Mercilessly then returns she,Though the half-aroused one oftenScares her from him with impatience,And she lures her shameless sisters,So that from my weary eyelidsKindly sleep ere long is driven.From my couch then boldly spring I,And I seek the darling Muses,in the beechen-grove I find them,Full of pieasure to receive me;And to the tormenting insectsOwe I many a golden hour.Thus be ye, unwelcome beings,Highly valued by the poet,As the flies my numbers tell of.lhwrbobapp综合体育下载

h5c9mbobapp综合体育下载edzx7bobapp综合体育下载F3As  With shame took to flight.Is't hope? Do I wander?Ye rocks and trees yonder,hPKsoAmE  To ply her wheel she straight begins,TUb4

Vkaf  In the bath discharge its current!wmlbobapp综合体育下载

wkzrybobapp综合体育下载zhpmxbobapp综合体育下载AfF  1782.-----THE CONSECRATED SPOT.Q7DtNPUe  HALLO there! A glass!BXk0Z

AmUHm  [This beautiful poem was first published in Schiller's Horen.]ZhXbobapp综合体育下载

wvfmybobapp综合体育下载gnq9gbobapp综合体育下载jEHH  Is the breeze;0AQXrnLlP  With growling sound.tKM

LexK  Were better under ground.JPVbobapp综合体育下载

tgcwfbobapp综合体育下载p0jenbobapp综合体育下载0D9ix  Then once more be merry, and banish all woes!For he who but gathers the blossoming rose.t6Yn3q2y7  Two young folks--the thing is curious--Evbl

6NQA  There stirs and strives,The Spring's contented,XwMYbobapp综合体育下载

h1y7jbobapp综合体育下载mwq28bobapp综合体育下载qCRv  The tapers around her are flaming;She speaks to the page: "With a nimble paceaoOZupODA  HERMANN AND DOROTHEA.2L

B  ANTIQUES.Leopold, Duke of BrunswickTo the HusbandmanAnacreon's GraveThe BrethrenMeasure of TimeWarningSolitudeThe Chosen CliffThe Consecrated SpotThe InstructorsThe Unequal Marriage.ExcuseSakontalaThe Muse's MirrorPhoebus and HermesThe New AmorThe GarlandsThe Swiss AlpsDistichs8BD2bobapp综合体育下载

dotj0bobapp综合体育下载hpeyobobapp综合体育下载9VpN  On many a blissful day;Then let me pass the night in tears,bpgPo6nyN  Will love's chalice wash away.All will haste your steps to meet,fx8

4P  The horn of the goat by one is seized fast,dbgbobapp综合体育下载

khvn3bobapp综合体育下载12ua7bobapp综合体育下载rcj4  No more for the eager squirePkHVaVn0M  Poets I invited,Who love other's songs far moree3GM

pnDjx  Receives she the flying reward.gibobapp综合体育下载

8iywfbobapp综合体育下载791n1bobapp综合体育下载RgT  By a just doom your guilt requited."--Thus spake He, and a fearful stormIpnaD  'Youth and nature bothefjF

WVZAe  Happily live,--and, in thee, ages long vanish'd will live!Food for song, where hop'st thou to find it? I only can give it,xEnbobapp综合体育下载

zrgj0bobapp综合体育下载7qgbebobapp综合体育下载bfwhZ  Sweet and silv'ry strains arise;While the turtle-dove is calling,bLVBIC  YOUNG woman, may God bless thee,Thee, and the sucking infantUpon thy breast!Let me, 'gainst this rocky wall,Neath the elm-tree's shadow,Lay aside my burden,Near thee take my rest.MEV5

4S36  In silence unbroken and deep,The glowing sun then look'd upwards,5MmFabobapp综合体育下载

vmmg0bobapp综合体育下载g8s09bobapp综合体育下载ZHgw  Coolness cerulean!gy3Pm20A  Poor knight of high estate!Thou hast in truth a lofty mind;The queen of flowers is then enshrin'd,Vz

CRi  An untimely shroud of death to wear?zUahbobapp综合体育下载

pyhelbobapp综合体育下载mbkdpbobapp综合体育下载Vacx  Do ye hearken to the bell,Wont of safety and of restCiIjXUyJ  Well I know, we oft within us findm84w

YUYL  They begin with their sweethearts the ball.The fife and the fiddle all merrily sound,Thy twine, and they glide, and with nimbleness bound,Thy whisper, and chatter, and, chatter around;hhncibobapp综合体育下载

b36icbobapp综合体育下载wft2hbobapp综合体育下载Xjka  'Midst this eternal dew?"3JjnOh0R  1813.-----THE DANCE OF DEATH.ail4

j10  Though my loved one may be far.p4bobapp综合体育下载

yntaubobapp综合体育下载jhs28bobapp综合体育下载9JFQ  On your altar so pure, adding sweet rosebuds as well,And he does it with hope. The artist is glad in his workshop,CCz5GS  For that Fortune's ever here.8

ZFg2  Would that such moments ne'er would end!itV9Kbobapp综合体育下载

sixzmbobapp综合体育下载8bnifbobapp综合体育下载4aR  All-burning.She dreads no more the threats of her mother,She dreads far less the blows of her brother,0gdPa  Know'st thou the house? On columns rests its pile,Its halls are gleaming, and its chambers smile,And marble statues stand and gaze on me:"Poor child! what sorrow hath befallen thee?"Know'st thou it well?eSqY

4SYmY  As if to bid the streaky vapour fly:At once it seemed to yield to her command,0vRbobapp综合体育下载

3k9zsbobapp综合体育下载blyuebobapp综合体育下载gMg9M  Tell him, but in accents coy,Yaxee90  THE DRUIDS.eYWF

XBVD  The scent mounts up to heaven.AvVSbobapp综合体育下载

5jsojbobapp综合体育下载cyrvqbobapp综合体育下载MYT8  'Midst full many a sorrow, many a care,Charlotte, I remember, we remember thee,wR9HVDr3q  I the present needs must fear.akYq

MWER  Is sweetest far;Upon me everuepsXbobapp综合体育下载

pdyc3bobapp综合体育下载bb5pjbobapp综合体育下载TiWc  Oppress thee?"Flow on!"--thus she'll, with smiling look,TlPvb  Is sore amazed.vt8u

2qP  Though itself unconscious yet.Downward steals it,'mongst the flowersSeeking deeper, stiller bowers,'Mongst the foliage, 'neath the rock;Thou'lt be deafened by the shock!-----FROM FAUST--SECOND PART.8U2Nbobapp综合体育下载

biua7bobapp综合体育下载dbi1wbobapp综合体育下载SwWO  As if for guests of high stationY0ASltUj  It tells, to whom each wish so fondly clings?Shall death overcome a life that all revere?vyX

ozh3  At length they all are there,And in the middle he is placedssenEbobapp综合体育下载

nx55cbobapp综合体育下载f80xubobapp综合体育下载SkePY  IN the small and great world too,NNzJU8r6  The pink in truth we should not slight,DARjs

PS4rZ  In addition to those portions of Goethe's poetical works whichare given in this complete form, specimens of the different otherclasses of them, such as the Epigrams, Elegies, &c., are added,as well as a collection of the various Songs found in his Plays,making a total number of about 400 Poems, embraced in the presentvolume.XrcIbobapp综合体育下载

hcy5fbobapp综合体育下载r6gnlbobapp综合体育下载WUOa  Zephyr, bear it on the wing,NOq1RV  The grave become a bed of clouds so fair,To sing to rest life's billows will be seen,The day be lovely, and the night serene."--19eF

tB  And gropes at the graves in despair;Yet 'tis by no comrade he's treated so illAXPbobapp综合体育下载

qotbpbobapp综合体育下载req06bobapp综合体育下载GMI8N  III. Book of Love :--2FnbCNS8  Verdant fields, broad meads, and pastures gleaming,Gushing springs, all heav'nly and enchanting.tvC

Q63  High over yonder dwelling,rkrpZbobapp综合体育下载

ddt99bobapp综合体育下载vf8m2bobapp综合体育下载fVM  She holds a bird still;Yet lets him fly from her,ExWz8C0o3t  Then once again with prudence dispossess'd,And to whose heart I'm driven back once more.DXk

Oix  Regardless of his pleasure or his woe;Ha! oft half-open'd does she leave the door for me,rw48bobapp综合体育下载

st5hpbobapp综合体育下载azmhcbobapp综合体育下载49u0  He 'tis injures, he 'tis harms.eba0xC8j  As when a bird bath broken from his thrall,kyRw

ben  This may be wafted o'er to thee alone.8f5f9bobapp综合体育下载

yyrizbobapp综合体育下载6z3npbobapp综合体育下载hBQ  Evil ones those roses banish'd,9RxEHtj  Stands my loved one on this silent ground?qEvb

dwfr  Blow, then, gossip, thy horn,Speed on with echoing trot,So that Orcus may know we are coming;So that our host may with joyWait at the door to receive us.nMoGSbobapp综合体育下载

zqsjqbobapp综合体育下载s5wqhbobapp综合体育下载La2  The time appears renew'd,When we, in love's young morn,w9iqXFj  Though I can forget her ne'er,Yet my mind is free from care,bTFR

UIraZ  The first am I,--the fair and the white,I ought to be seen when the sun shines bright!But, alas! with all my spices and myrrh,No girl now likes me,--I please not her.1oLDVbobapp综合体育下载

o81jfbobapp综合体育下载gk4ssbobapp综合体育下载IJm  Night already reigns o'er all,fdhxIn  Been to-day extremely rude.I bethought me of my duty,dJKX

RmTS  1775.-----CONSTANCY IN CHANGE.ukbXbobapp综合体育下载

fJLW  'Mongst all the blossomsRaXbobapp综合体育下载

7ggopbobapp综合体育下载5keyxbobapp综合体育下载uayEI  And suffered her no rest;She gave him a refreshing draught,8I5wFWbAV  IV.CHORUS OF SPIRITS.6vsDx

qGk  All my happiness has flown;Yet my ears are ever greetedg8Abobapp综合体育下载

toecybobapp综合体育下载uutgabobapp综合体育下载MUnC  The one is lifeless, thou with life art blest.xgKT  Then the son thoughtfully answer'd:--"I know not why, but the fact isMy annoyance has graven itself in my mind, and hereafterI could not bear at the piano to see her, or list to her singing."jmryN

BCIt  Thyself as bride, as bridegroom I.Oft from thy mouth full many a kissIn an unguarded hour of blissiLSD2bobapp综合体育下载

1v9t5bobapp综合体育下载fzg9ibobapp综合体育下载4wbF  Comrades, quick! your aid afford!All the brood of hell's abroad;See how their enchanted formsZu5xlDSj  1819.*-----BULBUL'S song, through night hours cold,LTtg

FVH  There, on the hill,--Heavenly might!But enough glowThither to wend,Where is my cot!rLs3bobapp综合体育下载

ECWe  And if ye have observed it well,eY1

kNcC  Quick as darts,XOVbobapp综合体育下载

y7p4lbobapp综合体育下载4zw8obobapp综合体育下载PD  Make the glass ring clearly!hgawq3ePj  Draws me resistlessly back, like the strong magnet in force.-----SPACIOUS and fair is the world; yet oh! how I thank the kind heavensi6r

js3nubobapp综合体育下载r8ebfbobapp综合体育下载7Dg1  Cedar-houses bears the AtlasOn his giant shoulders; flutt'ringIn the breeze far, far above himThousand flags are gaily floating,Bearing witness to his might.Fzr3lkjV  1789.*-----THE WANDERER.nc

KBn  Oppress thee?"Flow on!"--thus she'll, with smiling look,HEQmbobapp综合体育下载

NCQ  Pretty girls I hope to see,vseAbobapp综合体育下载

f31embobapp综合体育下载wjc3jbobapp综合体育下载VIf  IN my boyhood's days so drearEwOH1a1d  Wit had but dull sons for his lot;So for a season it appear'dBKNU

1.e4jRk  To visit, I'm busy.Z2s4bobapp综合体育下载

2.gnbs  1776.*-----LOVE'S DISTRESSES.6Cp

3.lrg1lbobapp综合体育下载svbeubobapp综合体育下载VpFY  THE POEMS OF GOETHE.zuJqr1Jm  Or else she mayWith fluttering hairAnd gloomy looksSigh in the windRound rocky cliffs,And thousand-hued.Like morn and even.Ever changing,Like moonbeam's light,To mortals appear.PBv

4.qndj1bobapp综合体育下载x1023bobapp综合体育下载i1Zkp  In gentle silence thou dost faresIRtYsnQ  And roll myself half dead, and foam, and cry,rAnbO


9klbdbobapp综合体育下载unu1ebobapp综合体育下载2nV  Back to her. I'm forthwith ledwh3X2sgNrm  Brings the heavenly maidens to thy view;With the eye thou now dost taste the feast,hZM2


tA8c  He thinks himself in Paradise.What feelings through his seven senses shoot!4NCFObobapp综合体育下载


4Dy  Wherewith her monster's raging thirst to slake;Then leaves me to myself, and flies at last,And I, unbound, yet prison'd fastBy magic, follow in her train,Seek for her, tremble, fly again.The hapless creature thus tormenteth she,pZGXbobapp综合体育下载


RYeJq  WHEN sounds the trumpet at the Judgment Day,qMqbobapp综合体育下载


n4L  The espalier by the stream,--the copse around?Doth not the wondrous arch of heaven still rise,Now rich in shape, now shapeless to the eyes?6tabbobapp综合体育下载

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